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After the G20 summit, the stock market did not rise more than expected, on the contrary it ushered in a volatile market. Turning our eyes to the country, let’s take a look at several major events that happened last week: The chairman of New Town Holdings threatened a 9-year-old girl. This incident has cast a veil of moral corruption on the entire real estate industry; For trust companies with too fast growth and excessive growth in real estate trust business, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has recently launched an interview warning; securities firms are divided into professional and cThe best stock trading softwareomprehensive categories. As the main promoters of the science and technology innovation board, securities firms are also on the road to professionalization. Go one step further.

On the day of December 4, many demon stocks connected to the board appeared to get together and fell. For example, the 7-link OLED demon stock Rainbow Shares (600707) crashed and stopped in the morning. The evening of the previous day, Rainbow shares announced that two major shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares successively reduced their holdings, and the market value of their holdings exceeded 30.8 billion yuan.

Along with the riot in bank stocks, a research report on investment bank aristocrat CICC (601995) at the end of October that strongly bullish bank stocks received attention. The report said that after the third quarter, the quality of bank assets has entered a stage of overall improvement. Macroeconomic recovery and marginal interest rate stabilization have given banks a stable operating environment. Performance reversal, rather than valuation rebound logic, will promote bank stocks to usher in a similar 2016-18 In the big market of the year, A/H bank stocks have more than 60% upside.

Judging from today’s market, the sub-new stocks sector as a whole fell. Only some high-send stocks and sub-new stocks with performance support were active, and most of the sub-new stocks were in a state of adjustment. As for the high-send transfer sector, Tiantan’s attitude is: high-send transfers are just icing on the cake, and the essence must still be the growth of individual stocks. If there is a substantial increase in performance at the moment, the high-send transfers will be even more powerful, otherwise if it is simply high Sending and transferring is a bit hollow and thin, so everyone should pay attention to identification, and don't put the cart before the horse.

In terms of sector performance, the national defense and military industry sector rose more than 7%, far ahead of other sectors; the automotive, computer, and electronic sectors followed closely, with an increase of more than 3%. The national defense and military industry sector rose sharply, and the 20 stocks of North Navigation, Aerospace Rainbow, and Aerospace Power exceeded the daily limit of 20 shares.

In addition, the letter of concern pointed out that several shareholders of the company hadThe best stock trading software disclosed their shareholding reduction plans in April and May 2019. Please list the specific details of the aforementioned shareholders' shareholding reductions so far, and explain whether there is any deliberate speculation of stock prices in order to reduce their holdings. Circumstances: Check the company’s controlling shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors, senior managers and their immediate family members since the beginning of September to buy and sell the company’s stocks, explain whether there is any suspected insider trading or market manipulation, and report to the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange The company management department reports the transaction details.

For the entire market, the regulatory environment in the past two years has cracked down on financial fraud and other problematic stocks, which has made the foundation for speculation in small speculations unstable. At the same time, institutional investors such as public funds and other institutional investors have a stronger voice, and value investment will become more and more important. Mainstream.