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What does stock commission mean?
Behind the scenes of stock operations

Behind the scenes of stock operations

Alibaba urgently notified some mask factories, not forcing the factories to produce how many masks, but rather calling on the factories to cooperate with the Wuhan epidemic, hopinBehind the scenes of stock operationsg that we will respond as needed, and focus on the production capacity and inventory of each factory for "consultation", for example, which ones Products are matched to hospitals, but some products are matched to industrial scenes. Wu Yashu told The Paper.

Bill Ekman’s strategy is known as an active activist stock strategy-to profit for himself by buying company stocks to become a major shareholder and influencing board decisions. For example, in 2005, he bought a large-scale American fast food chain Wendys and persuaded the company to spin off its TimHortons sub-brand.

From the perspective of profitability, in the first three quarters, only 1 share made a profit except for a loss. Among them, 13 shares increased their net profit year-on-year, and 9 shares increased their performance by more than 20%. The net profit of Guizhou Tire (000589) and Heimao (002068) in the first three quarters both increased by more than doubled year-on-year.

At this stage of the game, where are the global investment opportunities? Only in. First of all, it may become a safe haven and the market with the most opportunity for the global market. Because we have huge market demand, we are also actively developing technology and other industries. Secondly, the current position of the A-share market is at a low point, and many stocks are attractive to funds. The next few stocks with good interim performance or even exceed expectations will have a positive impact on market sentiment. Private equity person Wu Guoping said.

Feng Fuzhang of Essence Securities said that the first stage is represented by AVIC Shen Fei and others. It is expected that the growth of fundamentals will accelerate in the future and will achieve a large increase in the short term, but there is no valuation bubble, which will have a driving effect on other target valuations in the sector. The second stage is recommended to focus on AVIC Hi-Tech, Aerospace Development, Aerospace Electric, AVIC Electromechanical, Yaguang Technology, Beimo Hi-Tech, Ziguang Guowei, etc.

GEM timing recommendations: The overall trend of the GEM follows the rhythm of the main board, but the IPO decreased to one last week, showing the willingness to protect the policy under short-term weakness. It is expected that the sector will stabilize with the main board in the future. The short-term recommendation is also to maintain a medium poBehind the scenes of stock operationssition and wait for better The timing of re-intervention remains unchanged, and the market value style remains dominant on the ChiNext.

A shares are already the world's second largest market by market value. In Buffett's words, it is a big market, suitable for large capital to enter. The proportion of foreign capital allocated to A shares will continue to increase as the factors included in the three major international indices increase. Many foreign fund performance comparison benchmarks are these three major international indexes, not to mention those index funds. Index funds must be allocated strictly in accordance with the inclusion factors of A shares. In the next 5 to 10 years, I think the proportion of foreign capital in A shares will increase from the current 3% to 10%, which will bring more than 3 trillion yuan of incremental capital to A shares.